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News and Comment February 2021

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18 February (Part 2) - Wanted. Good home

Trolley BookcaseApologies for this wildly off topic item but a certain old lady has accumulated far too much clutter and a couple of items have been spirited away before her house resembles an overstocked antiques shop.

In normal times a charity shop would probably take furniture in decent enough condition but our lovely Government shows little sign of returning our lives to normality.

The shelf unit on the left is solid wood and runs on casters. It is 86 centimetres high, 83 wide and 48 deep. No internal shelf.

The bookcase is chipboard veneered with mahogany. Two adjustable shelves and glass sliding doors. 87 high, 80 wide and 30 centimetres deep.

Sorry for poor photos, as you can see, I have no room for them and they are a bit too dark for my taste.


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