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News and Comment February 2021

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21 February - Heads will roll?

I doubt I will ever go to a Council meeting again, the webcasts are just about tolerable. When I first became a regular listener I knew who was speaking by the sound of their voices, a product of many years of attending in person but that is something that is getting to be more difficult.

There appears to have been a significant turn over of senior staff. I know nothing about Stephen Kitchman (Children’s Services) even though he was appointed before the pandemic. Matthew Norwall (Places) came on to the scene last October which I suppose explains the recent absence of David Bryce-Smith.

Maybe I am reading too much into it but it would appear that Bryce-Smith and his side-kick Kevin Murphy have both left the Council and both with housing responsibilities. Could it be that the string of housing failures and overspends in Bexley has prompted the CEO to do something about it?


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