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News and Comment January 2021

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26 January (Part 3) - Cons and scams

Tory tricksThe phone rang yesterday morning. I am going to be prosecuted by HMRC for tax evasion. It was a recorded message so I immediately cleared the line and put 020 8384 5098 on the blocked list. Not sure if that will do any good, a scammer will probably be spoofing the Caller Line ID.

Neither my income nor savings are high enough to attract the attention of HMRC. No complex tax affairs here, I don’t even have to fill in a self assessment form, never have thank goodness.

Not exactly a scam perhaps (see image) but not what I expected to see from a reputable local website. Please forgive the sarcasm.

I use half a dozen different web browsers as part of Bonkers testing, currently Firefox is the default and when I did a search for ‘Bexley Conservative Wordpress’ in the hope of finding a blog mentioned more than once during last night's Cabinet meeting, Firefox warned me of the dubious contents therein. (Click to enlarge image.)

Now what are they up to?

Bonkers is generally a cookie and tracking-free zone although for January only it is counting the number of unique visitors to get an idea of how many people are sufficiently bored by lockdown to look in here occasionally. (There have never been any trackers.)

Maybe time for a reminder; only blogs from 2009 through to July 2013 and 2020/21 are currently fully restored and on-line following the technical disasters of last year.

There are exceptions within the middle years but only to support 20/21 blogs and the probability is that they include bad links - so best not to click on them. It is only practical to restore blogs old through to new. Even if SAGE succeeds in imprisoning me into the middle of next year, like Boris with his lockdown, I cannot give an assurance that the revisions will be complete by then.


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