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News and Comment June 2021

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1 June (Part 1) - Demanding, menacing, threatening

If you Google the words “The Nasty Party” you will be rewarded by about 400 million web pages many of them referring directly or indirectly to Theresa May’s infamous remarks at the 2002 Conservative Party Conference. As Google suggests anyone can repeat her words pretty much with impunity.

Recent events have shown you cannot link similar words to members of the local Labour Party. If, while complaining that they have no idea about police corruption the words “the lefty lot are entitled to their view but infested with some very nasty people” are added you might find yourself referred to the police four times over. One of the occasional blog edits changed the words to “plagued with very unpleasant people" but the general drift was the same.

The threats came to nothing but eight months down the line, up the subject comes again.

I now have a lovely letter from a local Labour source, never named on Bonkers, threatening me with dire consequences if the words are not removed. It goes further and demands the removal of every blog that reported on a variety of decisions by Bexley Council’s Code of Conduct Committee and fights picked with @bexleynews. I am commanded never to mention unwarranted Code of Conduct complaints on Bonkers however newsworthy they might be, ever again.

There is more…

Enquiries and their responses confirm that the threats were not orchestrated by any person whose name may be known to Bonkers’ readers - so please don’t blame anyone whose name has ever appeared here.


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