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News and Comment March 2021

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9 March (Part 2) - Power corrupts. It already has

I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate that no member of my family or circle of friends has had their brain addled by the psychologists of SAGE; those doom mongers of fear and flawed Excel spreadsheets who have ruined the lives of so many people, many of whom are still cowering behind their sofas. Not once have I had to bite my tongue while speaking to any of them.

My sister is not so fortunate and is surrounded by one time friends who are now scared out of their pathetic little lives.

A retired police sergeant, married to sister’s lifelong friend, is not going to leave his house until no one anywhere is dying of Covid while he smothers his internet shopping orders with Dettol.

Another couple living some 50 miles away has announced that their occasional shared meals in a half way house will never happen again because it will always be unsafe to eat from a plate used by someone else.

Text messageThis is madness on a colossal scale and encouraged by Johnson and his crazed cronies. The same mad cronies who have wrecked childhoods across the land - aided and abetted by extreme left teaching unions of course.

The short text exchange shown here must have been repeated right across the country yesterday.

There will be worse to come. Hancock, Johnson et al show every sign that absolute power has corrupted them absolutely.

We are seeing the end of cash. I have had the same thirty quid in my coat pocket since before Christmas and we will be tracked as far as is technologically possible. I am perfectly happy to have had the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine but the tracking app never saw the inside of my phone nor will any Chinese Communist style vaccine passport be used.

I may go along with it this year but not any longer. I have already cancelled business with a company demanding vaccinations and if it means not going to any sports event again, so be it. I have gone 18 months without seeing the inside of The Oval and a year not seeing a rugby match. I can probably do without either and save in excess of £200 a year. (I only see rugby on freebie tickets!)

We have already seen how far too many police officers are relishing the idea of a good punch up on any pretext they can summon up and if no one resists Johnson’s ambitions then we are lost.

You can see the signs already. Best vaccination programme in Europe but tightest lockdown supported by false statistics. Johnson always was a liar and the leopard will never change his spots.


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