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News and Comment March 2021

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16 March (Part 1) - Two libraries to open, one closed!

Except for a handful of issues in 2018/19 when my Bexley Magazine delivery consistently failed I think I have a full set going back to the time this website was launched in September 2009. It may even be complete after my Belvedere Councillor Sally Hinkley kindly filled in some of the gaps. There was a time when the Magazine provided rich pickings of deceptions and distortions of the truth but generally speaking that has not been the case for some years.

A few days ago an email referred to what was called a pre-election propaganda sheet and asked me to spot the lies in the budget message. In my view it is not so much a case of lies but of selective memories. As far as I could see there was no mention of the Capitilisation Order colloquially known as the ‘Bail Out’.

Not wanting to get that wrong I visited Bexley’s website to download a PDF copy to search and be sure I had not missed anything. There wasn’t one. Last time I looked there was an extensive back issue library available for download. (Please let me know if the back catalogue is merely hidden.)

Why is that? Can’t afford the web hosting fees or a need to suppress history?

BraggingIn the current issue the Leader says nothing about the budget but on Page 4 the Cabinet Member for Resources lists a few plus points. Libraries, schools, social care and “an investment in temporary accommodation”. I’m not sure how that is an investment when the expenditure is due to Bexley’s mismanagement of the whole housing issue. Have you seen Murky Depths recent comment which rates Bexley as worst in London?

Covid, it is said, “has had a dramatic impact on the Council’s finances” without mentioning that it is responsible for only 16.8% of the damage. And not a single word about the bail out that I can find.

Covid debt

Most of Bexley Council’s financial failings stem from their housing policies.


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