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News and Comment May 2021

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17 May (Part 3) - Sleight of hand? It doesn’t add up

I am not only wrong about Brexit and Council lies, I am gullible too.

An email which may have come from the Council’s Finance Department but was anonymous so I cannot be sure says I have been suckered by Council Leader O’Neill about the improvement in Council Reserves. In the words of my informant she speaks bollocks and seeks to deceive Conservative Party members.

I am referred to the Public Cabinet Agenda for last January which is reproduced below centre (click to expand) alongside the December 2020 and February 2021 issues.

Accountancy is not my strong point but my arithmetic is good enough to see that the January/February columns do not all add up. £31,072 plus £10,143 does not equal £45,055 and even I can read that more than a million was transferred from the Financial Planning Reserve in the following month, but the General Fund does not appear to have gone up. Another typo maybe?

A year or so ago a friend joked about not being sure if Finance people can count. It is beginning to look to be the most likely explanation.

Whatever it is, the Leader appears to have been in full on deception mode when she wrote to everyone who had paid their subs.

Note: There was more than one Council source for this report, one of whom has drawn the same conclusion about the Leader’s letter as I have.

Agenda TAgenda Agenda

From the Public Cabinet Agendas of December 2020 and January and February 2021.


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