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News and Comment May 2021

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25 May - The Home Secretary is legally illiterate

Britain’s slow emergence from Johnson’s Covid tyranny allowed me to meet my daughter legally last weekend for the first time since September 20th and before that February 1st 2020.

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She is right at the centre of the Daniel Morgan corruption report and explained a few things to me. Following the farce in Parliament yesterday afternoon the true situation needs to be more widely known.

The Home Secretary is not entitled to an advance copy of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel’s report, just a day to organise things for Parliament and the ensuing questions.

National Security is a red herring, maybe National Embarrassment will be a problem but not security. The report has already been checked for that by a QC paid for by the Home Office and a team under strict embargo within the Metropolitan Police. No problems were found.

Personally I find it slightly amusing that a Minister sacked for potentially jeopardising National Security is now trying to hang on to that particular straw allegedly to protect her friends at News UK who are sure to be severely criticised in the report.


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