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Parking Charges going up again. Hours extended.

Bowling Centre car park
Bowling Centre - 136 free spaces.
Going up to 90 pence an hour 24/7.

Oaklands car park
Oaklands, Albion Road - 35 free spaces.
80 pence from 8 am to 6 pm. Going up to £1 an hour 24/7.

Cinema car park
Opposite the Civic Centre - loads of free space (the electronic sign wasn’t working).
Going up to £1 an hour.

Albion Road car park
Behind the Civic Centre - 255 free spaces.
Going up to £1 an hour 24/7.

Parking 80p an hour
Cinema car park. 80 pence an hour and going up to £1 in April 2011.

Parking in Bexleyheath town centre is about to get more expensive. Well maybe not, it depends if you are fool enough to pay £1 for a space in a council car park or 50 pence to a supermarket.

The pictures on this page were all taken between 1:20 and 1:40 on the afternoon of 25th March. All the council run parks had spaces and there were queues for the supermarket ones to save the 30 pence. From next week the saving will be 50 pence. The council hopes to raise an extra £208.000 a year from its attempt to further damage the town’s shopping centres.

All the parking meters throughout the borough (most are set at 40 pence for half an hour) will rise to 50 pence for half an hour to “assist the introduction of cashless parking (pay by mobile phone)”.

Parking permits which were £35 six months ago and now £70 will rise to £100. Those that are now £90 will go up to £120. Visitors permits rise by 25% and 33% dependent on area.

Car parking season tickets rise by between 20% and 40%.

March 2011

Asda car park
Asda car park - full.
Sainsbury's car park
Sainsbury’s car park - almost full.
Queue to get into Sainsbury's car park
Queue to get into Sainsbury’s car park.
Queue to get out of Sainsbury's car park
Queue to get out of Sainsbury’s car park.
Parking 50p an hour
Sainsbury’s car park charges increased to 50 pence an hour last January.
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