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Council and Democracy

Adult Care Services
CCTV surveillance
Council tax rates - London borough league tables
Councillors List
Councillors for 2019
Councillors for 2018
Councillors for 2017
Councillors for 2016
Councillors for 2015
Councillors for 2014
Councillors for 2010
Councillors and Ward Boundaries in 1995
Councillor Peter Craske - Complaint to Standards Board
Councillor Peter Craske - List of lies
Democracy league table - Public Questions
Freedom of Information requests - Delays
Hall of Shame - Idiocies

Ian Clement - Misuse of credit card

Internal Audit
Audit Committee Report
Bexley’s letter to Clement
Police say Bexley council sees no fraud

Library consultation
Mayor Val Clarke - Blog collection
Melvin Seymour’s ‘advertisement’ sponsored by Bexley council - Where he gives his address and a map to find it
Petition against excessive salaries - Download the form
Petition against excessive salaries - Council’s rejection
Petition against excessive salaries - Appeal to Scrutiny Committee
Sheltered home consultation
Transparency drive - Bob Neill MP’s letter to councils. The one leader Teresa O’Neill rejected
Websites banned from Bexley council computers - including libraries
Vendetta against Mr. & Mrs. Grootendorst
Vexatious correspondence (General comment)
Vexatious correspondence (Response to CEO Will Tuckley)



Mayor Val Clark cuts question time
Councillor Craske insulting behaviour - Follow up
Email to Teresa Pearce MP - about Bexley council threatening camera users with arrest

Councillor Cheryl Bacon’s illegal ‘public’ meeting - held in private (19th June 2013)

‘Closed Session’ meeting - Index of various complaints and responses
Guidance to councillors - Issued two days after councillor Cheryl Bacon’s illegal Closed Session meeting
About Councillor Colin Campbell’s false statements on TV - Response by Lynn Tyler
Statement by councillor Cheryl Bacon
Statement by councillor Stefano Borella - Who has denied he said some of the things attributed to him
Statement by council officer John Adams
Statement by Civic Centre doorman - There are indications that this may have been fabricated by someone else

Conservative party

Colin Bloom prospective MP for Erith & Thamesmead, leaflet 2009
Colin Bloom prospective MP for Erith & Thamesmead, pre-election survey
Colin Bloom prospective MP for Erith & Thamesmead 2010
Election address - May 2010
Correspondence with James Brokenshire - October 2010

Labour party

Attack on Conservatives based on Ian Clement’s expenses claims
Election address - May 2010


With Mayor Val Clark

About poor chairmanship
About lack of appreciation of her chairmanship

To Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
From council to Ian Clement former council leader
From Social Services to residents of warden managed homes
From Tina Brooks, Parking Manager


Guide to attending a council meeting
Parsons Brinckerhoff Press Release

False allegation of Harassing councillors (Confirmed false by IPCC)

Complaint to Bexleyheath police from Will Tuckley - 8th March 2011
Police notice Form 9993 - Received 12th April 2011
Complaint to Met. Police Directorate of Professional Standards - 20th April 2011
Response from Met. Police Directorate of Professional Standards - 28th October 2011
Further complaint to Met. Police Directorate of Professional Standards - 3rd November 2011
Complaint to IPCC - 7th November 2011
Complaint to Directorate of Professional Standards - about Chief Inspector Tony S. Gowen, 12th November 2011


About councillor Peter Craske

Obscene blog (traced to councillor Peter Craske’s telephone line)

Correspondence index

Press Releases

Council Press Releases

Public notices

Parking payment by mobile phone only


1988 Train timetable
BELL - Index to blogs
Bexley Cabs - Index to blogs
Complementary Cancer Care Trust - 8th September 2012
Disability issues
LBC radio reports excessive salaries petition - John Watson interviewed by Nick Ferrari (transcript)
Lesnes Abbey
Notomob photo gallery - 14th May 2011
Notomob photo gallery - 26th August 2011
Rhys Lawrie - Index to blogs
Social Services performance
Tavy Bridge, Thamesmead photo gallery - 16th December 2012

News items


Illegal payments to absent councillor
Laughing stock - Bexley council is ridiculed in court
Overflowing sewers
Queen Elizabeth Hospital - User exoerience
Satisfaction levels - Poll
Filming policy - Westminster City Council
Thames Innovation Centre - Criminal activities


Blackfen Road, Blackfen
Broadway - 2·5 year long dispute
Charges - Bexley and adjacent boroughs
Charges up again - 2011
Price increases 2014 - Bexley

Controlled Parking Zones

Permit fees
Councillor Craske’s original email to complainants
Councillor Craske’s response to complaints
Councillor Craske’s deception

Code of Practice (pdf)
Consultation 2012
Fraser Road, Erith
Harassing blind drivers
Harassment in Barnehurst
Harassment - Report from the Consumer Action forum
Fine Revenue
Narrow Parking Bays
North Cray Road

NSL Contract

Pricing schedule (pdf)
Supplier’s questions (pdf)

PATAS ruling that Bexley has no certification for CCTV enforcement
Pavement Crossovers - Councillor Craske puts the knife in
Police enforcement in Hurst Road, Sidcup
Sidcup - Reduced number of parking spaces and charge introduced
Sidcup - Traders rebel

Newspaper cuttings

Bexley Times

Ian Clement Cover-up - 6 August 2009
Staff knew of abuses - 8 October 2009

Bexleyheath Chronicle

Conservatives appalled over Ian Clement - August 2009

Daily Telegraph

Protecting Libraries - 14 February 2011
Council chiefs win pay rises - 22 August 2011
The Expenses files - John Austin former MP for Erith & Thamesmead

News Shopper

Teresa O’Neill surprised by Ian Clement - 8 July 2009
Ian Clement sentenced - 7 October 2009
Council refuses questions on Ian Clement - 11 November 2009
Teresa O’Neill. God Help us - 2 March 2011
Notomob to ‘break’ CCTV - 27 April 2011
Council’s ‘illegal’ CCTV cars - 11 May 2011
Council forgets the basics of democracy - Letter 11 May 2011
Power to Mr. Peaple - 16 May 2011
Councillors listen to the public - Letter 25 May 2011
Parking fine for six second stop - Letter 1 June 2011
Council ignores parking adjudicator - 15 June 2011
Successful parking appeal - Letter 15 June 2011
Parking policy causes Post Office to stop collecting mail - 20 July 2011
Bad news won’t stop for Parking Enforcement - 27 July 2011
Bad Council may have to pay back fines - 9 November 2011

Sunday Times

Councils claw back frozen tax by raising fees - 16 October 2011


Obscene blog (traced to councillor Peter Craske’s telephone line)

Correspondence index

Police corruption exposed in Court


Guide 2009
Guide 2010
Rules and Regulations
London borough recycling statistics


Abbey Road, Belvedere

Dishonest waste of half a million pounds
Narrower and safer?
Lack of consultation
Moving traffic offences - monitored sites
Photo gallery
Transport Research Laboratory recommendations

Blackfen Road, Blackfen
Bus lanes
Florence Road, Belvedere
Fraser Road, Erith
Knee Hill
Penhill Road
Ruxley Roundabout
Speed cameras
Traffic islands
Welling Corridor - Photo diary
Woolwich Road


Biodiversity Officer


Bank Holiday cancellation
Lie Detectors
London borough league tables

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