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Bonkers Blog October 2011

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15 October (Part 1) - Setting the record straight

Letter to Evening StandardSetting the record straight. That is what one of Bexley council’s new web features is titled. In it the council tries to refute what is said about them in the media. They complain that “Unfortunately, final media reports are not always completely accurate or balanced”. This section of the website enables us to set the record straight.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Lowest car parking charges in SE London? One of the lowest council tax rates in Outer London? £3 million saved last year on recycling? None of it true. Nothing is straight about Bexley council, not even their new web pages.

In the first item leader Teresa O’Neill refers to 2,279 staff employed. Click image for the complete statement.

The Evening Standard’s report was poorly researched but the council’s figures are flawed too. The published list is not even the top 100 websites. It has counted as web pages all the internal links that modern web pages require for them to provide the facilities they do. Nearly half of Bexley council’s web pages are web utilities which are never viewed. Does no one at Bexley council understand anything?

Summary of responsibilities of the Chief ExecutiveWill Tuckley the chief executive claims 8,198 paid staff, nearly four times O’Neill’s figure.

Stand by for another one of Bexley council’s excuse pages. Not only might we see Bexley on The One Show next Wednesday but the Bonkers’ team has been working with the national media during the past week and we are hopeful things will come to fruition very very soon.


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