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Bonkers Blog February 2014

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28 February - Marking time

Traditionally nothing very significant appears here on the last day of the month because it has such a short life as the month rolls over, and at weekends half the readers disappear. For the second consecutive month the two have coincided, which is a pity because I might otherwise have written up something at greater length. Viz. The developments in the case of the lying councillor Cheryl Bacon. Following my email to all the councillors present at her meeting I followed up with this one earlier today…

Dear Councillors,
I am most grateful to those of you who replied to my earlier email. I had feared that dishonesty was universal among you but it would appear that I should apologise to some for my thoughts.
There is still time for those who have yet to reply to disassociate themselves from the many untrue statements issued by the Chairman of the Public Realm Scrutiny committee and the senior councillors officers who without a shred of evidence in her support abused their positions of trust.
Yours sincerely,

For reasons of confidentiality I will not be able to expand on that a great deal but I will a little next month but if you are guessing that one or more councillors has pulled the rug from under the liars’ feet I would not wish to dissuade you from that view.

Speaking of dishonesty; a total of five people emailed me following the ‘crap blog’ a week ago. I didn’t record how many people were at the council meeting last July when I hurriedly wrote in my notebook that councillor Colin Campbell said that Bonkers is crap. I was pleased to get an acknowledgment.

Five emails on one subject within the day is not very usual. Two insisted that Campbell said ‘trash’ just as he claimed and three said the word used was ’crap’ just as I heard. I’m not offended by either, everyone is entitled to their opinion but what may have been significant is that both of the Campbell supporters were anonymous and the other three weren’t.

If I had to guess I would say that Campbell’s supporters are councillors or one of the stooges that the council had placed in the audience that night. Why would Campbell supporters want to hide themselves? Are even they ashamed to be too closely associated with him?


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