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Bonkers Blog October 2018

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12 October (Part 1) - Their secret is out

In July it was reported here that Bexley Council had purchased 63 Belvedere Road, a property which in effect commands the access to Council Leader Teresa O’Neill’s private park by being adjacent to the existing locked access gate.

DecisionAs is the norm in Bexley our frequently dishonest Council made sure that the transaction was kept as secret as possible but the speculation must be that Burr Farm Park is being lined up for acquisition by BexleyCo and eventual development.

But not everything can be kept secret for ever and that includes the price at which properties change hands. The Land Registry stores all the details but extracting them costs a small amount of money.

Fortunately Zoopla sometimes does much the same thing. It reveals that Bexley Council paid £638,000 for 63 Belvedere Road which is almost five times the price it last sold for fewer than 20 years ago. Wow, Bexley Council must have been desperate to get their hands on it. The price is about 50% higher than anything else in Belvedere Road.



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