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News and Comment May 2020

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26 May - Bad odours and more traffic planned for Belvedere

IncineratorTwo and a half years ago Cory Environmental made a presentation to Bexley Council which revealed a few numbers about what the proposed second incinerator in Belvedere was all about but keeping the details to themselves probably indicated a lack of interest in involving the wider public. (They refused to let members of the public see the presentation to Councillors.)

A year ago a four day enquiry was held, the local Labour Group issued a Press Release about it, and today as they gain the support of London Mayor Sadiq Khan they have issued another.

If Bexley Council has made any comment I would not know, I stopped being sent their Press Releases six months ago and it is a full year since the Bexley Magazine popped through my letter box. Either the Council’s distributor is a waste of money or I am on a black list.


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