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News and Comment December 2021

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10 December (Part 2) - Thanks to Bexley Council…

There is a small number of old reports that probably need bringing to a proper conclusion although this one has only come to the end of Phase 1. However it is a good news story and Bexley Council comes out if it well so it must be mentioned or they will think I am biased.

It is about the problem a friend had with Jubilee School and a head teacher who said she did not have to answer his questions about why his autistic son was not being educated and left to languish in some sort of dungeon all day. There was eventually a response to the Subject Access Request which I have read end to end and Councillor Mabel Ogundayo (Labour, East Thamesmead) nudged Bexley’s education department into holding a Zoom meeting with all parties.

My friend was very pleased with their interest in the case and according to him the Council asked all the right questions, among them why he and his wife are not allowed to look at ‘the dungeon’.

Thanks to the Council Officers the school is taking a less aggressive line but my friend is not one to easily shrug off an attempt to abuse power. He reminded the Trust that his formal complaint is still outstanding. After an unnecessarily long delay they have accepted that is the case.

I have seen their first response and I agree with my friend. The conditions attached are totally unacceptable.


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