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News and Comment December 2021

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30 December (Part 1) - Ripe for development?

Bexley Council’s property asset register is an interesting document and a search for the word Vacant even more so. Properties lying empty could presumably be sold off by a cash strapped Council but just one of the entries is not an empty building, it is a huge playing field that long ago was in use by a school. There is no public access to it, the only gate is permanently padlocked, and most people will be unaware that it is there because it is wholly enclosed by houses and a railway line; so why has it not gone the way of Old Farm Park and innumerable smaller sites like West Street?
Property Register
Burr Farm looks to be much the same area as Old Farm Park which was expected to be worth £20 million to Bexley Council when concreted over by BexleyCo so why is Burr Farm Field protected?

Hard to say because it never gets a mention by Bexley Council but maybe the fact that the Leader’s house backs on to it is a factor.
Burr Farm

Burr Farm (Belvedere Road, Bexleyheath) on Google Earth.

Old Farm

Old Farm (Sidcup) on Google Earth.


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