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News and Comment February 2021

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13 February (Part 3) - The accountable and the unaccountable

The Local Government Chronicle is reporting (†) that Croydon Council has taken action against their senior staff who may have pushed that borough into bankruptcy. The Labour Party has suspended the Council Leader and the Cabinet Member for Finance and four over-paid Directors have suffered a similar fate. Croydon Council itself refuses to confirm or deny the story.

It is not something you are likely to see repeated in Bexley where failure is so frequently rewarded. The previous Chief Executive who achieved nothing except dividing members of the public from the Council was given 54 years’ worth of Band D Council Tax money to get out of town as quickly as possible.

Not as outrageous as her replacement who was given twice as much for leaving Newham.
BBC TweetFortunately for the present incumbent the government has gone against a two year old promise and allowed unlimited Golden Goodbyes funded by Council Taxpayers. Unfortunately for the Chief Executive Bexley Council has run out of money but maybe they have a library or two they could close.

On a similar note, if Bexley Council had accepted Elwyn Bryant’s petition on salary reductions ten years ago a quick calculation shows that Bexley Council would not have needed £4 million this year to balance the budget - the Finance Director’s latest estimate. A million would have been enough to bale them out.

† The LGC only allows one free access per month. The solution is to clear cookies or run a different web browser. Alternatively try the My London website.


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