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News and Comment January 2021

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21 January (Part 1) - Bulb energy. What a shambles!

Bulb TweetMaybe I am being awkward but I haven’t responded to Bulb’s request for information following yesterday’s blog. I made a complaint by email exactly two weeks ago and have had no response beyond a denial that they have my address on someone else’s bill.

They asked for my account details via Twitter Direct Message a week ago and I sent them. Why should I think sending the details a third time will do any good?

On 6th July last year my East Ham account was £16·82 in credit and the following month the DD was £45 more than the bill.

In the months after that the excess of DD over bill was £65, £10, £55, £12 and £18.

I will spell that out for Bulb. Although the consumption north of the river has varied as has the Direct Debit amount, consumption never once exceeded the payment yet according to Bulb I must increase the Direct Debit by £38 because the overpayments have somehow changed the £16·82 credit into a £66 debit. Utter madness.

I have a suspicion that the problem arises because I administer the supply for two addresses under one account and the two are easily muddled.

That was done at Bulb’s suggestion many years ago, two addresses combined under a single email address.

A message yesterday from someone who went to Bulb on my suggestion two years ago tells me he has had no trouble at all which I do not doubt for a moment. I was reasonably happy with my account until it went wrong and I discovered that Bulb is totally incapable or correcting their errors. That correspondent says that after reading of my experience he will be off like a shot at the first sign of trouble.

Another of my referees who left Bulb in the middle of last year tells me he had an email from them at the weekend to ask how well they had handled his recent complaint.

There was no complaint for the obvious reason. He is not a Bulb customer. A shambles from top to bottom.

When my son who is with Octopus lost his electricity supply on Christmas Day a year ago they came out and fixed the failed Smart Meter the same day.


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