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News and Comment November 2021

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1 November (Part 2) - The enticement of Bexley

I have to admit that if I lived a little further to the south I would almost certainly be voting for Richard Tice in Old Bexley & Sidcup. Both the Labour and Conservative contenders are worthy candidates but I simply couldn’t support either party. The Conservatives no longer are and Boris Johnson has made pretty well every wrong decision possible on Covid, the economy and Green issues.

Carrie Zero is simply unaffordable and compelling people to drive electric and install heat pumps is far removed from my idea of what a democracy should be. Keir Starmer appears to be the same but more so.

Presumably dyed in the wool Labour supporters will vote Francis and Conservative right or wrong fans will go French but there will be many who like me who decide we have had quite enough of Johnson.

Richard Tice’s first ‘leaflet’ appears here not as an act of favourtism, those for other parties will be given equal prominence if I can get hold of them. As has been obvious for several years those with known political inclinations are not given leaflets - I was told that by a canvasser in my street - and the same goes for my contacts in Bexley.

Their loss.

In fantasy land, if Councillor Francis was to be elected, Starmer would have to stand down immediately and hand over his job to Daniel. He gave former Bexley Councillor Abena Oppong-Asare a front bench job pretty much straight away so by that yardstick Starmer has to go.

Maybe it is worth voting Labour after all.


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