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News and Comment September 2021

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16 September (Part 3) - “The fish rots from the head”

TweetThis morning’s letter from within provoked a fair bit of comment and at one time I Tweeted the message shown alongside.

I don’t generally report confidential messages that come from Councillors, there are several of them. I try not to even let on to any one of them who the others are, speaking to me is probably some sort of treason in the eyes of the Leader. However here is a taster of what has been received.

The following was chosen because it predates the last election and you will have to guess whether the author is still on Bexley Council or left in disgust - or sacked. It has necessarily been redacted to Hell and back and with luck the author won’t even recognise it. However it should give residents a flavour of how Bexley Council is managed.

How long can Bexley Council continue to [huge redaction about supporting poor management]? Being on particularly good terms with the Leader clearly has its benefits. The situation is intolerable [redaction] and should not go unchallenged.

In Bexley doing nothing results in unchallenged promotion. [Redaction] and the wheels come off. [Long redaction]. They say the fish rots from the head and there is definitely something rotten in the London Borough of Bexley with the Leader proactively refusing to [redaction]. Time for change. If you can’t get it right after years in the job it’s time to go.

That is all I dare publish from a much longer message; inside knowledge is vital and the sources must be protected at all costs. I say again, that message is more than three years old, every word comes from the original message and the author is/was a Conservative. What has changed since? Not a lot by all accounts.


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