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Bonkers Blog July 2011

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14 July (Part 1) - Craskegate - click any image for photo gallery (3 images)

County Gate County GateCouncillor Craske seems to have started a small war with his comment at a recent Public Realm meeting that Greenwich council was blocking improvements to County Gate to prevent rat running on to the A20 because one of their councillors might be adversely affected by it. The story has featured in the News Shopper for three consecutive weeks with Greenwich council now accusing Bexley of the same corrupt practices that Craske called “disgraceful”. It is of course he who is the disgrace for letting this problem exist for five years. So much for “Listening to you. Working for you”.

The residents of County Gate have been making the most of the publicity and were outside the Civic Centre last night with their banner and photographs of the problems they suffer daily. Councillor Munir Malik who had championed their cause at the Public Realm meeting when he was refused permission to let a resident (the lady on the far left of the photograph) explain the problem to the Committee, joined the County Gate residents and began to discuss this website with them. He said he had been mentioned here and not always favourably. Without revealing my identity I chipped in that my recollection was that he came over as one of the few decent guys but I’m not sure he believed me, so for councillor Malik’s benefit I shall provide him with what I hope is useful information.

The name Malik occurs 19 times on this website, excluding today’s entries. Of those, five are duplicates where a blog is repeated as an individual ‘photo feature’ and one is his entry in the Rogues Gallery where he attracts no adverse comment. The 13 remaining occurrences are confined to six blogs…

10th March 2011 when it was noted that councillor Malik spoke “passionately about the plight of the poor he represented” and councillor Catterall called him a tosser for no good reason. (2 mentions of his name)
16th March 2011 when there was a backward reference to the tosser incident. (1 mention)
29th April 2011 when his support of a Conservative councillor at a planning meeting was reported as “a refreshing change”. (1 mention)
12th June 2011 when a standards board investigation into councillor Malik was reported, favourably in my view. (3 mentions)
23rd June 2011 when he was listed as one of the councillors against whom a complaint had been registered in the last two years - he was absolved of wrong doing. (1 mention)
24th June 2011 when councillor Malik was named as “the star of the show”. (5 mentions)

If councillor Malik counts that as any form of criticism it may explain why certain others like Craske and Read perhaps think the reporting of their misdeeds is a matter for my arrest by their friends in the Met.

N.B. There are two references to the name Munir alone but they do not add to the list above.


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