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29 March - Corona has other ways of killing

Just ten minutes after posting yesterday’s blog with its reference to those suffering anxiety because of the lock in I received a phone call that stunned me into silence. A young lady I know slightly who has suffered from mental problems in the past could take the isolation no more. She hanged herself.

Meanwhile the police still think it is a criminal offence to drive out in a car on the quietest of roads to relieve the monotony of confinement. Some with even more Stalinest tendencies think it is sensible to pour black dye into ponds. The stupidity of senior police officers never fails to astound me.

As my son who is heavily into road accidents statistics remarked yesterday, by Tuesday we are on course to have more Corona related deaths than there were on the roads in the whole of last year. The risks on the roads compared to risks more generally are infinitesimal.

In better news the other lady of my acquaintance referred to a couple of days ago has not got the virus, not that it was entirely good news.

If you are harbouring dark thoughts yourself or know someone who is…


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