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News and Comment February 2021

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19 February (Part 1) - Excitement over

After the excitement of the last few days with Bexley Council’s financial woes to the fore there won’t be anything of interest until Monday evening’s Cabinet meeting which will deal with nothing but the state of the depleted coffers. The Agenda is full of big figures like £15·285 million for BexleyCo and £3 million to Rockfire, the company that the financial press tells us has gone bust. You can be pretty sure that won’t be mentioned at the meeting.

Will something come to light to excuse the ignominy of being one of the four Councils to seek a Capitalisation Order? Including Unitary Authorities and the like there are 408 ‘Councils’ in GB & NI so there must have been something very different about Bexley. It cannot be the worst Covid affected although it is undeniably badly treated by Central Government. Has something been missed that would make Bexley’s performance a bit better than it looks to be on the surface?

So an uneventful - read boring - weekend ahead. In a family email I said I was beginning to climb the walls as a result of Prime Minister Johnson’s false data led tyranny and found that several of us were all tipping towards the edge at the same time. Some of this Government’s recent actions might be seen as a little extreme even in North Korea and as for the police…

The one good thing to have come out of Covid is that more people now know that some police officers have very little common sense. Power corrupts and all that.

Dictatorial edicts appear to be contagious. The East Ham house insurance reminder came in this week and I took a certain amount of delight in telling Saga (see image below) where they could stick it. If I am unvaccinated I am a menace to myself more than to those around me who have taken the necessary precautions.

A much bigger dilemma will arise if sports venues take the same view. My membership of Surrey Cricket Club was a complete waste of money last year and I am not sure their offer of free beer this year is sufficient compensation as I usually take my own orange juice to drink. If they do a Saga on me my membership will have to cease. Government imposed tyranny is bad enough without me encouraging it with my own money.

See you after the Cabinet meeting probably.


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