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News and Comment May 2021

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27 May (Part 2) - Toxic Town

At the end of a month which has seen another legal challenge aimed at dictating what can appear on Bonkers and what cannot it would be easy to just pack up and go away but on the other hand it would deprive Bexley Council employees of an outlet.

The following is a shortened version (with identifying features stripped away) of an email from within the inner sanctum…

I’ve left Council employment now but how happy I am about that. The place is so toxic that working from home provided a welcome modicum of relief.

The worst thing is being forced into a corner by a Personnel Manager to accept his settlement.

I have worked at other Councils where Personnel is impartial and worked [in accordance with the law] in support of both sides. I’m pleased to be free from the chaos but I am stewing when reminded of some of the pay-offs; it may be why the Council is so hard up.

Paul Moore was paid off, same for Kevin Murphy and David Bryce-Smith. Long standing servants all stabbed in the back by colleagues.

Sickening behaviour.

Here’s another in similar vein from last year.

Malcolm, as a current employee of the London Borough of Bexley I must warn you and other residents of the borough of big changes. Unfortunately the current Chief Executive [Jackie Belton] and Directors which she brought with her at varying times are determined to undermine the hard work of officers. Some have been played to such an extent that they cannot continue to work for the authority as it’s got so bad. I’m afraid it will go downhill rapidly.

How right that man was.

Note: I am moved, somewhat reluctantly, towards switching off the mailbox@ email address at the end of today. If that has been your contact point and you think you merit something other than the Contact Form, then now is the time to tell me.

This blog comes with the usual warning that links back to 2019 are to an area broken by the technical disaster of early last year which broke many of the links. 2014 to 2019 blogs await their turn to be checked and may not work correctly.


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