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News and Comment May 2021

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29 May - Recycling recycling

Today blogging is replaced by ball bouncing. My old rugby gang is returning to the field, that’s watching of course, not participating. We have decided to boycott the bar if there is any suggestion of Covid complications.

Meanwhile a brief mention for 2 West Heath Road which is once again the subject of a string of planning applications. There has been an anonymous report (hence the answer here) that it is owned by Mr. Leather Bottle himself but I can find no evidence of that. If you know better…

A relative newcomer on the Bexley Twitter scene is @tonyofsidcup who was responsible for the Twitter analysis a few days ago. Now he has repeated the exercise on recycling stats and come up with the ‘startling’ news that Bexley is top recycler because its residents are keen gardeners.

That is not new news but it is good to see nothing has changed since it was analysed here in 2010. A horrible old non-mobile compliant page gives the details. There was a blog about it the following year.

Right, that’s it. Sandwiches to make.


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