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News and Comment November 2021

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22 November (Part 1) - Mock outrage

Councillor Lisa-Jane MooreOh dear. It seems that the Labour team in Old Bexley & Sidcup accidentally sent one of their leaflets to the address of its deceased former MP. Not good but it is only one or two notches up from poking leaflets through the letterbox of a political rival. That happens all the time and no one is petty enough to complain.

I don’t believe for one moment that the Brokenshire family immediately got on the phone to the Daily Mail in an act of political mischief making; no, this can only be the work of the Dirty Tricks Department at CCHQ’s Press Office. Just a repeat of their lame attempt to label Daniel Francis an ardent EU Remainer. (Show me a Labour man who wasn’t a Remainer in 2016.)

The incident reflects badly on several Conservative Councillors and would-be Councillors (who Retweeted with added comment) apparently in favour of using - in the worst possible meaning of the word - the Brokenshire family. Just look at the leaflet they pumped out on the day of James Brokenshire’s funeral. Respectful? No. Opportunist electioneering.

The Conservatives too often show themselves to be despicable people no better than the Labour activists who reported me to the police four times for republishing their own Tweets and then when I ignored them wasted their money on a solicitor’s letter accusing me of various imaginary things accompanied by a further threat of police action.

It is because of people like that who are prominent in the local Labour Party that I wouldn’t be able to vote Labour on 2nd December despite there being no Conservatives left in Government. It is a blessing that I don’t have to make that decision for real yet but if I had to I would be leaning towards one of the minor parties. I have nothing against Louie French but I am not aware that he left much of a mark in the Council Chamber. His problem now is that he is asking traditional Conservatives to support a Government that isn’t and shows every sign of being corrupt to its core.


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