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News and Comment November 2021

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8 November (Part 1) - Hoist on their own Lolly stick

Just like the Labour candidate in Old Bexley and Sidcup told us a few days ago, the lack of School Crossing Patrols is not really Transport for London's fault at all. Firstly it was Bexley Council that decided to use TfL funding for so called Lolly Pop patrols as the meeting minutes refer to them, but it was Bexley Council that failed to come up with the £50,000 funding they found last year.

It is what naturally follows when a Council flirts with bankruptcy and is forced to take drastic avoiding action, massive staff reductions, reduced library hours, 30% hikes in parking charges etc. School crossing patrols were reduced from 38 to eleven.

Not exactly news but further confirmation that Bexley's Cabinet will deceive the electorate whenever it can.(See below.)
Unfortunately there is no way I can attend tomorrow’s meeting of the Road Safety Policy Sub Group as I will have a man working on my roof.


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