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News and Comment March 2011

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26 March (Part 1) - The NoToMob comes to Bexley

NoToMobI am very pleased to be able to report that The NoToMob is coming to Bexley; chosen because it is considered to be amongst the most dishonest councils in London and surrounding counties. I know the planned date but don’t want to forewarn Craske and Co. so will only say there is not long to wait.

NoToMob is a group of motorcyclists who will shadow Craske’s gestapo wagons and warn motorists of their presence. They will be clearly marked themselves and will stay strictly within the law. To help them in that endeavour please do not attempt talk to them or do anything that might cause them to stop illegally. If you wish to welcome them a quick toot on the horn will suffice.

To read more about the NoToMob and their Bexley operation, please visit their website. Their local coordinator goes by the name of Peperami who has asked me to post the following contact details…


Bexley NoToMob Coordinator
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