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The Grootendorst index

An aid to locating information about Bexley council’s vendetta

Links to blogs are to the Photo Feature variant where available

NB. This website is not interested in the Grootendorst’s situation beyond the relationship with Bexley council. If Rita Grootendorst is eccentric or unnecessarily outspoken that is a matter for others. If her husband’s disability is alarming to some then the answer is care not persecution by Bexley council. She is featured here because she has been singled out by Bexley council for special treatment. They don’t like her because she thwarted their ambitions to sell off the borough’s allotments. They don’t like her because she stood for election as a councillor and a party favourite lost her seat as a result. The council has retaliated by denying her access to services and sought to prosecute her because her garden is unorthodox and has become untidy and cluttered during building extension work which they themselves have made difficult by over-frequent inspection. Bexley council has a long history of persecuting and prosecuting critics as perusal of this website will confirm.


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And they say it’s not personal - 30th March 2012
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Wild or derelict? - Royal Horticultural Society verdict on Mrs. Grootendorst’s garden. 7th January 2012
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Bexley council pulling the strings - 6th October 2011
Collusion - 2nd October 2011
Gardeners’ World - 23rd September 2011
Don’t dare to be different, Bexley council might sue you - 22nd September 2011

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