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News and Comment March 2012

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28 March (Part 2) - The victimisation goes on

John WaringIt’s been a while since I last mentioned Mr. & Mrs. Grootendorst’s wild life garden but that doesn’t mean that Bexley council has been leaving them alone to enjoy it; far from it.

The Grootendorsts have planning permission to extend their house and work is going on right now; as you can imagine the garden is disrupted and things may be a little messy. It’s just the excuse Bexley council needs and they are on the warpath again. Leading the campaign is John Waring (Environmental Health Department) though it is hard to see what health risks are created by a building extension or for that matter a garden which Mrs. G. cares for almost obsessively. The real reason for the onslaught is because the Grootendorsts and Mrs. Grootendorst in particular have for many years been pains in Bexley’s posterior which will inevitably put the council in full on aggression mode. Persecution and prosecution is their weapon of choice as we have seen recently in the Olly Cromwell case and the false statements made to the police about both him and me.

At the risk of giving Bexley council more ideas, I cannot keep up with the correspondence between Mrs. G. and various Bexley departments, there is just too much of it. Perhaps Mrs. G. needs a website of her own, she would surely never be short of material.


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