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The L&Q Index

An aid to locating blogs relating to L&Q's appalling housing standards


A pictorial catalogue of L&Q failure - 2nd September 2021
Wendy says Orbit is far from Perfect but the odds are that L&Q is worse - 27th August 2021
Ridiculous - 3rd April 2020
“I think L&Q are trying to kill me” - 12th January 2020
L&Q. “Because Homes matter”. What? Even to them? - 29th August 2019
Catching up on things - 26th February 2019
Forced to live in a slum - 23rd August 2018
L&Q in the gutter - 5th June 2018
L&Q. Like it or lump it - 4th June 2018
L&Q. Like it or lump it - 14th October 2017

Photo feature

L&Q think repairs like these are acceptable - 27th August 2021


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