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Everything connected with the demolition of Ye Olde Leather Bottle

An aid to locating information relating to the demolition of Bexley’s oldest pub

A pictorial history


No Bottle - 22nd September 2015
More Bottle - 23rd September 2015
From meetings to maps - 24th September 2015
Reckless but maybe not guaranteed wreckless - 8th October 2015
They’ve got a lot of Bottle - 31st March 2016
Piling on - 5th April 2016
Uncivil engineering in Heron Hill - 10th April 2016
Open cast mining on Heron Hill - 17th April 2016
Two northern eyesores - 19th April 2016
Is Bexley so badly run that even the Councillors run away? - 12th May 2016
Last orders - 4th June 2016
Bexley Vandals - 22nd June 2016
Postscripts and updates - 23rd June 2016
It’s quiet around here - 27th November 2016
Bexley Council wouldn’t have the bottle for it - 2nd January 2017
Holes big and small - 9th February 2017
More unaffordable houses - 3rd September 2017
Bottle plan smashed - 12th October 2017
Belvedere’s bomb site - 2nd February 2018
Spot the difference - 1st April 2018
Professionals versus Cowboys - 29th July 2018
Whether it be lifts or road closures, Abbey Wood struggles to move - 18th September 2018
Singh, Steward, Sold and Sense - 3rd November 2018
Bexley Council; Spiteful and Vindictive - 19th November 2018
Sing Sing for Singh? - 24th November 2018
Money grabbers, vandals, more vandals, xenophobes and criminals - 29th January 2019
Just deserts (sic) - 31st January 2019
The Leather Bottle site remains a mess, should we believe the developer’s plans for Woolwich Road? - 3rd March 2019
Justice prevails, sort of - 18th June 2019
Local Labour Councillors succeed after Bexley Council let us all down - 18th June 2019
The Leather Bottle battle resumes - 16th August 2019
Karma - 15th September 2019
A slap on the wrist - 29th October 2019
Has Singh moved in? - 4th December 2019
Once it was the Bottle, now it’s jam jars - 17th January 2020
Some people never give up! - 14th February 2020
Councillors on the case - 20th February 2020
I went to the pub - 22nd March 2020
A third planning application for Leather Bottle site - 29th April 2020
He moved the earth but not yet the Planning Committee - 21st June 2020
Here we go again. A fourth planning application for the site of Ye Olde Leather Bottle - 16th November 2020
How does he do it? - 15th October 2021
Who are the ‘Fools on the Hill’? Us probably - 18th October 2021
If I had a suspicious mind… - 22nd April 2022
Singh City - 6th July 2023
The known unknowns - 6th July 2023
Keep on digging - 2nd January 2024
What’s the missing link? - 3rd January 2024
Twelve years of progress - 29th April 2024


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