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Sidcup High Street Regeneration

A photographic diary - January 2014 to April 2016

A similar selection of photographs is available in single page (Photo feature) format


Sidcup. Once again the message must be, avoid it if you can - 17th May 2017
What did Sidcup do to deserve this? - 9th September 2016
Why did they bother? - 22nd April 2016
Sidcup High Street. Shut again - 11th March 2015
£1·8 million spent to get Sidcup booming. Or possibly not - 25th February 2015
Money for nothing. Sidcup still in dire straits - 28th October 2014
Sidcup’s Annus Horribilus nears its conclusion - 15th October 2014
Sidcup. Will it ever recover? - 6th October 2014
Sidcup. Nearly done or done for? - 22nd September 2014
The ’cup floweth over - 6th September 2014
Money well spent? - 17th August 2014
Sidcup deserted by BiB and this morning, everybody! - 27th July 2014
One step forward, two steps back - 22nd June 2014
Sidcup edges its way back to sanity - 15th June 2014
Sidcup still suffering - 1st June 2014
Sidcup High Street. An open and shut case - 18th May 2014
Hadlow Road Sidcup. Shut - 16th May 2014
Missing the bus? - 14th May 2014
Slow progress in Sidcup - 28th April 2014
Another target missed - 14th April
Sidcup on Sunday - 6th April 2014
Very little to show for two weeks’ work - 29th March 2014
First signs of progress in Sidcup High Street - 15th March 2014
If at first you don’t succeed… - 10th March 2014
Sidcup. Missed deadlines and little progress - 8th March 2014
Sidcup still suffering - 22nd February 2014
Sidcup suffers - 27th January 2014

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