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Contact by email is the preferred option but a form facility is also provided. It allows anonymous messages. Please leave the email field blank as a made up address can look realistic and cause confusion.

My name is Malcolm Knight and I live in Belvedere close to Lesnes Abbey, the council knows that so why shouldn’t you?

I founded this website in protest at the dishonesty and lies with which Bexley council attempted to mislead me after I asked questions to which a truthful answer might be embarrassing. I have tried to make the site absolutely truthful and that will often result in the Conservative council appearing in a less than favourable light. That is in their hands, a bit of honesty on their part would reduce the flow of critical stories to a trickle.

Bexley is Bonkers is not connected to any political party, although I should perhaps admit to being a Conservative party member until 1993.

Since the end of 2010 I have been regularly supplied with information by members of the Bexley Council Monitoring Group (which fought the 2014 election under the name Bexley Action Group) and quite a lot of site content came from them during that period. However for various reasons relating to changed personal circumstances that source of news dried up during 2015. Nearly all the news appearing on Bexley is Bonkers now comes from ordinary members of the public. A clear majority of informants are female. I have no idea why.

Additional comment about Bexley council or the website is always welcome. Everything you read here is thoroughly checked with particular emphasis placed on the need for documentary evidence. New submissions will be subjected to similar checks. If you believe anything on this site to be incorrect please let me have the evidence so that a correction can be made.

All comment on this site and photographs taken by myself (nearly all of them) may be freely used by other media outlets. An acknowledgement of the source would be appreciated but is not compulsory.

Legal advice is not available. Your Citizen’s Advice Bureau may prove useful on legal matters, however issues may be given publicity here on request, anonymously unless directed otherwise.

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