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The Thames Crossing index

An aid to locating the numerous references to an East London River Crossing. The football kicked around by both Labour and Conservatives to the detriment of every resident in South East London.

Date is day of publication


The big Tory U-turn confirmed. Repentance completed - 5th November 2020
Across the water - 15th March 2020
Another ‘Do what we say, not what we do’ - 28th November 2018
Oh the irony! (And who would you choose?) - 17th October 2017
Regeneration Update - 14th October 2016
Crossrail likely to generate a Thamesmead Tax and a Lesnes Levy on residents - 14th September 2016
Objection overruled. Five times - 26th July 2016
It’s all balderdash - 15th July 2016
No peace for the wicked - 24th June 2016
90% say Teresa O’Neill was wrong - 15th March 2016
Places. Mainly good but some cracks appearing - 12th February 2016
Every question dodged. Well done Teresa - 11th November 2014
‘Neutral’ climbdown explained - 3rd October 2014
Slipping off the fence. Knee Hill and Brampton Road no longer a big issue - 2nd October 2014
Making up for lost time - 29th July 2014
The leader’s report. More whimper than bang! - 27th July 2014
Still not yet going places - 24th July 2014
More Bacon porkies - 7th July 2014
Pure speculation. Probably - 19th June 2014
Another Adonis - 27th March 2014
Silvertown tunnel protest in Greenwich - 5th October 2013
Vote Conservative, get the opposite - 4th October 2013
Bexley Tories. Incapable of being truthful - 20th May 2013
Poor losers - 15th May 2013
Now that they are exposed as out of touch, will Bexley’s Tories live up to their slogan? - 9th May 2013
Slogans, lies and expensive propaganda cannot mask the truth - 7th May 2013
The road to nowhere - 13th April 2013
Paddling their own canoe - with your money - 8th March 2013
Propaganda machine goes into overdrive - 6th March 2013
Bad day for Craske - 21st February 2013
Craske double cross - 11th February 2013
The Bexley Liar returns to the scene - 9th February 2013
Thames Crossing Consultation - 31st January 2013
The Gallion’s Reach Bridge. Teresa O’Neill’s part in its downfall - 18th November 2012
Full council meeting. The leader’s report - 13th November 2012
The real end of the month round up - 31st October 2012
Newsreel - 24th March 2012
Boris halts progress - 24th January 2012
Boris in Bexley - 22nd July 2011
The election looms - 13th December 2009
Blackwall tunnel shut - 30th November 2009


Bexley council spends money on political propaganda - 13th January 2013


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