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Welling Corridor Improvement Scheme

A photographic diary - January to May 2012

Bellegrove Road Consultation document and plans - (2MB PDF Document)
Welling Way Consultation document and plans - (2MB PDF Document)
Preparations - Materials stored on the Shoulder of Mutton green (Sunday 8th January 2012)
Pavement reconstruction - Sherwood Road to Wickham Street (Saturday 14th January)
Traffic congestion and work on traffic islands - Sherwood Road to Wickham Street (Thursday 19th January)
Rearranged pedestrian refuges and narrowed carriageway - Sherwood Road area (Thursday 26th January)
As if Bexley didn’t have enough obstacles for drivers to negotiate - (Wednesday 1st February)
Pavement blocked. Please walk along the A207 - (Friday 3rd February)
No significant progress due to snow (Saturday 11th February)
Buses proceed with care. Pedestrians unwelcome - (Sunday 19th February)
Queues and disruption - (Friday 24th February except where shown)
Unlit obstructions and accidents - (Friday 2nd March except where shown)
More road narrowing, relaid pavements and mistakes rectified - (Thursday 8th March except where shown)
More mistakes rectified. More hold ups and road closures - (Saturday 17th March)
Widespread chaos around Welling Way - (Friday 23rd March except where shown)
Work continues - (Friday 30th March except where shown)
Roads still closed! - (Friday 6th April)
It’s Bank Holiday week. Nothing much gets done. - (Friday 13th April)
Resurfacing Bellegrove Road - (Friday 20th April)
Just about done - And at £220,000 we probably were. (Wednesday 2nd May)
Two years later - The problems engineered in (Saturday 26th April 2014)


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