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News and Comment May 2012

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4 May (Part 2) - The mental torture continues

John Waring Guy Atkins Car port goneThe Royal Mail may charge you sixty pence to deliver a letter these days but Bexley council can spend much more of your money on postmen than that. Two council henchman turned up in person on Mrs. Grootendorst’s doorstep yesterday to deliver yet another letter. It is both good news and bad news. The idiots have realised that demanding a reduction in the height of a sixteen year old car port that has disappeared beneath the new building extension work was exactly the sort of sheer stupidity that one has come to expect from Bexley council - so they have withdrawn their earlier threat.

Letter dated 3rd May 2012However Bexley council does not intend to give Mrs. Grootendorst a moment’s peace. This is the complete text of their letter dated yesterday. The signatory, Mr. Guy Atkins, Bexley’s Senior Litigation Solicitor, pictured above (centre) says that he will be back to pursue his obsession further as soon as he can.

Rear garden Car port area Garden shedsBexley council’s vendetta against the Grootendorsts, their wildlife garden and their collection of sheds is summarised here.


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