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News and Comment August 2012

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21 August (Part 1) - Rita Grootendorst’s wildlife garden

Rita Grootendorst's neighbour's garden Rita Grootendorst's garden Rita Grootendorst's neighbour's gardenRita’s house extension is getting along well now after the rogue builder Chris McGuiness of 17 Sheldon Road, Bexleyheath, DA7 4PB (tel:07956 305 345) took £20,000 and disappeared.

The scaffolding gives a vantage point to see just how detrimental her garden is to the local ‘amenity’.

The photos are of the two neighbouring gardens with Rita’s in the middle. None look exceptional but Rita’s is almost entirely obscured by the trees, two shed roofs being the only sign of occupation.

Guardian report John Waring leaving in a hurryThe fourth photograph is of John Waring racing away after being caught snooping on behalf of Bexley council. Why should Rita be singled out for constant observation of progress on her extension and prosecution over her choice of garden? Ah, I remember now, she made monkeys of Bexley council when they evicted her from the Longlands allotments and they need their revenge.

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