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News and Comment August 2012

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20 August (Part 1) - No splashing

No divingBexley council, in the shape of Teresa O’Neill may have jumped on the bandwagon of encouraging sport last week but it wasn’t always so. Two months after coming to power in 2006, Bexley’s Conservative council wasn’t at all keen on residents honing their Olympic skills.

“Yesterday a swimmer was arrested and fined after diving into a swimming pool. Two men, aged 64 and 66, were stripped of their over-60s passes and asked to leave Erith swimming pool in Bexley on Sunday. Later that day, police arrived at one of the men’s homes and arrested him on suspicion of committing a public order offence. He was released and issued with a fixed penalty notice of £80.”

The men fined were Alan Treece of Carlton Road, Northumberland Heath and Kenny Robinson and it was said that they were a danger because young people might copy them. The pool attendant was the wife of a Bexleyheath police officer. As is well known, Bexleyheath police are always ready to help their friends.

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