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News and Comment April 2012

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3 April (Part 2) - Bexley council. Vindictive, spiteful, criminal

Mrs. Grootendorst's garden Mrs. Grootendorst's garden Mrs. Grootendorst's gardenLast weekend someone asked for more details of what Bexley council is intent on doing to Mr. & Mrs. Grootendorst down in Sidcup so I thought you might like to see some more photos.

What the council is doing is plain enough; they are trying to make the Grootendorst’s lives a misery and creating enormous legal bills by claiming their garden is untidy and causes a loss of amenity to their neighbours. Why they are doing it is harder to fathom.

Mrs. G. is a long term complainer about Bexley council which I know from my own experience the council thinks is criminal activity. Mrs. G. believes it is something even more sinister and that one of her neighbours has a very close link with certain councillors; she says that her local threesome refuse to talk to her and she singles out the Beckwiths for special mention. It’s hard to tell from a distance whether she is justified in her suspicions or not.

Another local garden Another local garden Council goonsOne thing that is obvious is that the Grootendorsts are on the receiving end of special treatment. Just a couple of minutes walk from their home you can see a really derelict garden, but no one does anything about that.

And who else do you know getting special attention from the top people from Environmental Health (John Waring) and the council’s solicitor Guy Atkins? It’s victimisation on the grand scale!

The roof above a garden shed Mrs. Grootendorst's outhouse Mrs. Grootendorst's side passageThe most recent development is that the council claims to be getting complaints from Mrs. G’s neighbour alleging that the building development work is causing a nuisance; building work usually does, however Bexley council is seizing their opportunity to persecute the Grootendorsts again. They have told them they intend to descend on them en-masse once more to see if she is committing another imaginary offence. The more one hears about this case the more one is inclined to believe Mrs. Grootendorst’s story that someone somewhere is able to pull Bexley council’s string.

Photos of building materials stored in the front garden and under the car port. Nothing much out of the ordinary there.


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