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News and Comment June 2012

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18 June (Part 2) - Hedge. Funds

Mrs. Grootendorst's hedge Chris McGuinessMrs. Grootendorst who is being prosecuted by Bexley council for a back garden which includes too many sheds for their liking has been distracted from gardening by the enormous problems caused by a rogue builder contracted to extend her house who disappeared with half her funds, leaving it in an unfinished and dangerous state. Other builders brought in to look at the damage have suggested that the current stage should have been reached in a couple of weeks and not two months as is the case; albeit through atrocious wet weather.

Realising that she has been neglecting her garden Rita is determined to improve the front and rid it of the builder’s mess and, it has to be said, some of her own. On Saturday the hedge was severely pruned and Rita was up at dawn yesterday attacking it again. She sent me today’s photo before 10 a.m. yesterday.

Much more acceptable I think you will agree; there is no point in handing Bexley council a real reason to pursue their vendetta. From the rear upstairs window Rita’s garden looks more attractive than her neighbour’s but the same could not be said of the front. That is about to change. Fill that skip and have it taken away Rita. Don’t let the Bexley buggers get you down.

Rita’s previous builder is still lying low. That’s him in the picture.


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