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News and Comment June 2012

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5 June - Our house. Madness!

Wrecked house Wrecked house Weather proofingPhotos one and two show how a builder left the Grootendorst’s house after deciding he had had enough of being caught in the cross-fire of Bexley council’s war of attrition on the owners. He disappeared without a word. When all the facts become clear I may let you know his name, address and phone number.

As you can see, the roof was left open and the rear entrance was inadequately secured. Fortunately not all builders are so useless.

Last Saturday men working on the roof of a nearby church got to hear about the situation and with heavy rain forecast rushed to the rescue with their tarpaulins and some security improvements. They were not very complimentary about some of the earlier work and those parts may have to be redone.

Bexley council and John Waring of their Environmental Health Department played a role in precipitating this grave risk to environmental health. What an utter disgrace he is to look the other way when such a serious situation develops right under his nose.


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