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News and Comment March 2012

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30 March (Part 3) - And they say it is not personal

Building works Building worksMrs. Grootendorst found council snooper John Waring armed with a camera prowling around her house two days ago. He said he was checking up on her building extension. Waring is not from Building Control, he is from Environmental Health; how often does Environmental Health inspect a small residential building extension?

Mrs. G. reports that when she asked if he was on council business, under their instruction, he replied “No, I would not be here in my lunch break if I was”. If that is true it looks like it could be a personal grudge as well as a council vendetta.

In a letter, Bexley council has said it will refuse to discuss the issue any more with the Grootendorsts and that if the building work has caused her garden to be untidy they will proceed with a Section 215 notice next month.

Bexley council is far too keen on persecuting residents and does not seem to care whether the evidence is good or not. I seem to remember council leader Teresa O’Neill and Chief Executive Will Tuckley making false allegations to the police about a year ago. They will stop at nothing to silence critics.


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