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News and Comment May 2012

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22 May - Town hall tyrants

The Daily Mail is carrying the story that leaving rubbish in your garden is to become a criminal offence meriting a £100 on-the-spot fine. Having recently announced that councils are to be banned from levying fines for petty waste bin offences such as leaving it on the street overnight, David Cameron’s lunatic government believes councils can be trusted to act fairly in another arena. Maybe I should own up that I have a bucket with a hole in it and the grass collector from a discarded lawn mower cluttering up my back garden. Perhaps it will take the heat off the Grootendorsts.

John Waring and Diane BlazerAt the beginning of the month Bexley council withdrew its Section 215 notice from Mr. & Mrs. Grootendorst which threatened them with prosecution for keeping an untidy wildife garden. Signed by Bexley council’s Senior Litigation Solicitor, Guy Atkins, it would seem it was yet another example of the high degree of expertise one has come to expect from Bexley, it was found to be legally “defective”.

Rather late in the day I have discovered that a replacement was hand delivered by Mr. John Waring (see photo) on 14th May. According to Mrs. Grootendorst, Mr. Waring describes her award winning garden as full of “s**t, scrap and rubbish”.

Index to the Grootendorst saga.


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