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News and Comment September 2012

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9 September - Waring down Rita

Evidence bundle The only available view The only available viewA large package with a £12.07p stamp on it was delivered to Mrs. Rita Grootendorst last week. It was another copy of the evidence bundle delivered by hand in August by the despicable little council weasel John Waring. It should have gone to Rita’s legal adviser in Norfolk, but doing it Bexley council’s way not only wastes goodness knows what in photocopying costs and twelve quid postage, it will now arrive too late to be of any use.

While on site I took a walk down the garden which has benefited from the rain and warmth and I searched high and low for any spot from which I could see any part of Rita’s neighbours’ houses or gardens. You will have to take my word for it but there is only one spot that provides a line of sight to a window for each adjacent house. To get what you see here my lens had to be carefully placed in exactly the right position. From elsewhere absolutely nothing can be seen. The fact that Rita uses industrial food containers for her compost rather than purpose made bins may arguably be eccentric but it is not doing anyone any harm. This is a prime example of Bexley council’s trademark vindictiveness. Rita must be paid back for previously getting Bexley council into the national headlines. It’s a good job I have no need for council approval or assistance in anything I have planned.

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