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News and Comment April 2012

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6 April (Part 4) - Arrested

An account by Mrs. Grootendorst
Arrested I am a community & environmental campaigner from Sidcup who after being dissatisfied by poor police performance and inability to prevent crime in this borough had reason to make a complaint of aggression, incivility and unprofessional misconduct on 7th April to a Sgt. Lucy James of the Met DPS.

For that innocent complaint I felt the wrath of thuggish Bexley Met police including several inspectors who had the duty of “investigating” my complaint and who found the mob who I had complained about had not acted improperly, and used their justification that I had no witnesses and the mob of six males & females all backed each other.

I have suffered harassment by Bexley police, as well as being baited in custody, prevented from making the phone call (my ignorance was exploited) and I suffered shock and trauma the rest of 2011.

Both times it was a collusion to pervert the course of justice with no evidence and no reason to prosecute. The CCTV evidence from the custody suite would support my complaints. Also on 11th May when I got inside the police yard at Bexleyheath there was a slightly-built thin dark skinned man who was rubbing his arms and looking frightened. I wish I had asked about him but I could not believe what was being done to me, and was not allowed to make any counter complaint or statement from 11:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. that night. When finally bailed without money or bus pass I got home at midnight.

Arrested ArrestedThe last time on 9th July 2011 two policemen (Brant & Buckley) entered my home and arrested me by jumping on my back – photos taken by my husband who could not pull them off me.

Without any evidence and acting on malicious falsehoods I have been arrested twice on May 11th 2011 and July 9th 2011, with harassment inbetween until local newspaper editor Bob Griffiths, and Bexley CAB made independent enquiries about what was going on. But I who have never before felt threatened in public have been a victim of police brutality and criminal abuse of powers in my own home by rabid uniformed police and their “superiors”. Hogan-Howe was asked by me to stop the bullies in police uniform but his rhetoric does not extend to leadership or rectification.

The IPCC & Met police willfully flouting and violating common law, but most of all the Equalities Act & Diversity legislation. I would like to reinstate my complaints against the police but would need some support and guidance as none of my friends or my efforts have got through the canteen culture of indifference and cover-up.

Please see the photos of Brant & Buckley in action – I believe if I had been alone they could have done much worse and that they ought never to be allowed to abuse and physically attack anyone again.


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