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News and Comment October 2012

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27 October (Part 2) - Retribution and humiliation

John Waring and Diane Blazer Guy AtkinsLast Monday I made the biggest mistake ever in my three years of writing this blog, I went to the wrong court at the wrong time to see Rita Grootendorst defend herself (and husband Pieter) against Bexley council’s vindictive and obsessive attempt to bankrupt a persistent critic. As a result of my inability to report events at first hand Rita is rightly livid with me as I am with myself for missing an opportunity to highlight Bexley council’s lies and dishonest legal case.

Rita hasn’t wanted to talk to me this week but this afternoon I learned a little from her and I am now able to announce that the three council employees pictured here, John Waring, Diane Blazer and Guy Atkins together with their boss, David Bryce-Smith must be among the most incompetent employees on Bexley council’s books. Rita describes their testament as a catalogue of lies and the court’s judgment in her favour would appear to support that opinion.

The case probably fell apart for all sorts of legal reasons too. Having been privileged to be included in the correspondence flowing between Rita’s legal team and Bexley council I was quietly confident that it was fundamentally flawed. I felt Bexley’s 500 pages of evidence was largely useless and some of it confirmed that Rita was being spitefully wronged. Seriously, these people do not deserve to be in a job.

This is probably the tip of an iceberg. Rita tells me that Diane Blazer claimed from the witness box that she had as a professionally qualified Environmental Health Officer been responsible for more than 100 similar actions against residents and Rita’s was probably the worst such case anywhere in the country. Presumably the judge does not like hyperbole for she was persuaded it could be true. Rita was entitled to design an unorthodox garden, construct sheds to her own specification and have a roof garden on one of them. How many of the 100 odd cases prosecuted by Blazer and Waring were similarly vindictive and their victims innocent?

Not being in court I cannot ridicule Bexley council further without risking inaccuracies and you may not be able to read about it in the News Shopper because Rita’s opinion of them is even lower than that of me. Rita is not a woman to be lightly dismissed; council officers with barely a brain cell between them are always likely to come off second best. Maybe they have nobbled the News Shopper as Rita believes (and that would not surprise me if they had tried), so she aims higher. As a result Mail on Sunday reporters and photographers have been on site and their report is expected in tomorrow’s edition.

• My name goes to the Crown Prosecution Service at Bexley council’s direction under CS Dave Stringer’s watch for threatening violence against councillors. Case went nowhere because DI Keith Marshall realises Teresa O’Neill had lied.
• Harassment warning issued against me by the ever obedient Bexleyheath police for “criticising councillors”. Declared to have no validity by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
• John Kerlen prosecuted at the request of Bexley councillors for revealing a councillor’s name and address and conspiring to have dog faeces put through a letter box. All false assertions. Case dismissed by appeal judge after listening to witness whose statement on oath was not supported by the documented evidence.
• Rita Grootendorst suffers a three year attack by Bexley council for daring to be different at enormous cost to her bank balance and health. Judge dismisses Bexley council’s case out of hand.

Do you notice a pattern here? How much is Bexley council spending on silencing critics? And why?

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