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News and Comment October 2012

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22 October (Part 2) - Senior moments

I rearranged my timetable to allow a trip to Bexley Magistrates Court this morning, the occasion being Rita Grootendorst’s appeal against Bexley council’s charges that her garden sheds aren’t like anyone else’s but I made a big mistake. The case was being heard in Bromley and by the time I confirmed that and public transport between Bexley and Bromley being what it is I felt it was impractical to go there.

This is a huge disappointment (and it is all my fault) as I was looking forward to quoting some more untruths emanating from council lips. One of the scheduled witnesses, Ms. Blazer, told me nothing but lies when we last met. Worse is that my phone is going to glow red hot later today when the principal lady tells me exactly what she thinks of me. If there is no blog tomorrow it will be because she has murdered me; either that or councillor Peter Craske has taken out another contract.


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