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News and Comment May 2011

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29 May (Part 2) - Would you buy a used car from this pair?

Bexley council seems to be full of itself for going to court under the Proceeds of Crime 2002 Act to have £182,120 confiscated from a couple who had operated a car sales business from their home without planning permission. At least their customers were supplied with cars in exchange for their money and the company made a profit.

Another couple operating a business from their Bexley home weren’t so astute businessmen. Their travel agency went bust leaving holiday-makers rather disappointed, to put things mildly, as the business wasn’t ABTA registered. Bexley council knew all about that one too; how could they not when councillor Philip Read was the founder and managing director and the man who looked after the money was councillor Peter Reader?

Councillor Reader continues in business as an accountant, from a bungalow in King Harolds Way, Bexleyheath, where he offers “an innotive practise” (sic) with a website as is to be expected. The coding is a complete mess written to a standard that fell out of favour more than ten years ago, but that is no excuse for spelling his own address (more than once) and postcode incorrectly is it?

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