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News and Comment April 2012

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2 April (Part 1) - What Localism Bill?

Big Controller and smaller ControllerSome of Bexley council’s constant cock-ups and self-serving fiddles may eventually be forgotten, the roundabouts that buses cannot get around, the councillors who disappear but remain on the payroll and residents put to unnecessary expense because of the spiteful nature of individual councillors, but others are likely to live on for ever as monuments to their dishonesty, criminality and lack of any semblance of democratic rule.

Among these are the fraudulent activities of its former leader, the new restrictive Constitution introduced in response to the Secretary of State’s wish for fewer restrictions, the two separate imprisonments of a blogger, both on false charges which a District Judge had to throw out. A harassment letter issued for reasons which were entirely false, the obscenities Bexley council allowed to be posted to the web and recently the refusal to accept a petition signed by 2,219 residents.

The latter provides new insights into the depths of dishonesty to which Bexley council is on intimate terms. Councillor and magistrate Don Massey abused a Standing Order which allows a meeting to be interrupted to not allow a meeting at all proving that even magistrates are prepared to countenance dishonesty to please their political mistresses and Elwyn Bryant who organised the petition is still trying to get council leader Teresa O’Neill to see reason. He wrote to her and included the following…

Bexley Council’s Petitions Scheme states that if 2,000 signatures are presented a public debate can take place at a full public Council meeting. You should use all your influence to rescind the rejection of the Petition to allow the people of this Borough to have their say in public. This is the democratic thing to do.

The recently passed Localism Bill puts great emphasis on transparency and power to local people and you should also consider the fact that the Secretary of State for Local Government, Eric Pickles, has repeatedly condemned the excessive level of salaries in Local Government. He said “The gravy train of local Government must stop now”. The slogan of Bexley Council is, ‘Listening to you, working for you’. So let’s see this put into action.

And what do you think the Controller said to that? The short version is “Go away”.


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